Centre for International and Security Studies
  The MediaPRO Foundation for Education and Development Centre for International and Security Studies
  • CSIS Research fields:
    - Former Soviet Space
    - Southeastern Europe
    - Terrorism
    - International Economy
    - Arms Procurement
    - Asia-Pacific
    - Middle East
    - US Foreign Policy
    - European Powers Politics
    - National Security
  • Centre for International and Security Studies The Centre for International and Security Studies (CSIS) has the purpose to promote the dialogue and the cooperation in the Euro-Atlantic area, with the view of approaching the new challenges to security seen in a large sense: military, political, economic, social and environmental.

    CSIS offers expertise in international relations to the press, the civil society, the businessmen, the politicians and also to the foreign partners interested in the evolution of foreign policy and security policy of Romania.

    CSIS wants to contribute to the raising of the public debate level in its fields of interest and to promote academic studies in security, strategic studies and international relations.

    CSIS Products

  • Maintains a website ( with a synthesis of foreign policy events
  • Provides periodical reports of analysis and prognosis on regional interest subjects
  • Publishes a magazine
  • Produces academic studies, policy papers, and quick reaction materials
  • Organizes regular meetings and workshops, on present interest matters of international and Romanian foreign politics, bringing together people that make political decisions, academic personalities and members of the media.
  • Organizes an Annual Conference; it also awards an annual prize to the project with the most important contribution to promoting security in the Euro-Atlantic area.
  • Cooperates with faculties or specialized sections and with national and international think-tanks.
  • Intends to establish a Department for Promoting Security of Communities in the Euro-Atlantic Area.
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