The MediaPRO Foundation for Education and Development
  The MediaPRO Foundation for Education and Development Media University

... create a knowledge, research and development background as a basis for the social modernization projects in Romania.

... offer the public our general interest level analyses and researches from political and social areas.

... act both as a public voice and as an analysis and consulting structure on political and communication matters, based on a solid expertise.

What makes us unique

FEDM is the only academic structure attached to a media group in Romania. It offers, by research and education projects, a higher credibility to the informative and educative initiatives targetted at the Romanian population, which is in full democratization process.

The intention we assumed is to consolidate an academic and civic value core. We want to be leaders in thinking and innovation and to continually offer development opportunities to all the people that work with us.

FEDM Mission

We think that Romania is going through a period when it is necessary to consolidate authentic values, meant to be defended and preserved further on.

FEDM wants to contribute by all its projects to the acceleration of the modernizing processes in Romania, a country in which liberty, chances, prosperity and civil society have to rule.

FEDM Values

We believe that the fundamental values Romania should rely on are the ones that made possible the consolidation of democracy in Western Europe and in the USA. We believe in individual freedom, in free initiative, in government control and in national security consolidation. We want Romania to be a secure and prosperous country where there is equality of chances (in education, health, social security, development); in which the tax system is correct, simple, equitable and easy to understand by all Romanians; in which every individual can assert himself based on his talents and abilities; in which the state sticks to its base functions and doesn’t act in a discriminating way.

The FEDM Vision

The projects we come up with start from these values and have as an objective their effective materialization.

Our team of specialists, with years of experience in research, consultancy and involvement in political life in Romania, generates more than simple analysis or research projects. We offer solutions and then we try to impose them to the civil society, to the political scene, to the mass media and to the public opinion.

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