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  • The PRO Institute is a non-profit structure, a think-tank analysis structure.
  • The PRO Institute was founded in March, 2000, as an analysis- and research-oriented group, on the one hand, on the study of the general social, political and economical tendencies in Romania, and, on the other hand, on the study of specific evolutions on different fields of interest (applied research).
  • Researsch fields: institutional analysis, politic communication, public policy, sociological research, media analysis, political theory
  • PRO Institute In 2005, the PRO Institute ( re-launched by taking on a new research and analysis approach, focused especially on the influence of Romanian political life on the political, social and economic stability in our country. The team of the PRO Institute is made up of well-known analysts, with high professional qualifications, who are widely recognized in academic circles in Romania. Our research methods are taken from political science, sociology and communication science.

    The PRO Institute wishes to consolidate the democratic institutions and to make the mechanisms of these institutions more efficient. The way we have chosen is to thoroughly understand the political reality that surrounds us.

    The PRO Institute wants to offer the Romanian society a clearer explanation of political life. Continually enlarging the perspective and breaking the barriers of appearances, its analytical approach aims at correctly interpreting any event or evolution, beyond a facile, spectacular or superficial approach. The purpose? A better understanding of our reality, a tenacious elimination of the risks that come from lack of information and lack of knowledge, but also the development of Romanian political culture.

    The PRO Institute has three major action directions, derived from the mission assumed ever since its foundation.
    1. Presenting analyses and scientific perspectives of the society. These materials are drafted periodically, some of them being available for free to all interested parties (in politics, universities, journalism etc.)
    2. Organizing public events, meant to shape the public agenda according to themes of immediate interest.
    3. Elaboration and publishing of scientific works, derived from the individual or group effort of the researchers at the PRO Institute.

    "Political Romania" Collection

    PRO InstituteDuring the first part of 2006, the PRO Institute has edited and published the volume "12/XII: The Orange Revolution in Romania", an analysis focused on the first year of governing of the DA Alliance.
    "12/XII: The Orange Revolution in Romania" includes political and sociological analyses of Romanian political life in an interdisciplinary approach.
    "12/XII: The Orange Revolution in Romania" is the editorial production of the PRO Institute, the first one in a multi-annual project entitled “Political Romania” that will be continued in the years to come.

    Research Products

    Besides the periodical reports made by the specialists at the Institute, a lot of ample research works have been published during the last two years. More than 200 punctual analyses were published. We would like to point out the institutional reports, that underlined conclusions which were later confirmed by political evolutions. The PRO Institute foresaw months, or even years before, events such as:
    - The dissolution of relationships inside the governing coalition
    - The institutional preeminence of the president.
    - The lack of practicability of the idea of anticipated elections
    - The results of the local elections.
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