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  The MediaPRO Foundation for Education and Development Media University
  • Media University is the high education structure of MediaPRO Foundation, having initially three faculties:
    - Journalism
    - Cinematography-Television
    - Business Management
  • Media University Now, the University intends to reposition in the educational system. Media University will develop by:
    - Diversifying the specialties offered in the Cinematography and Television Faculty
    - Opening a new faculty: The Acting Faculty;
    - Establishing a Department for post-graduate studies – Master
    - Establishing of a PhD School in Media


    Media University GraduateThe Media University tries to respond to the market demands by creating a stronger bond with MediaPro company, so that the talent and the knowledge of the professionals can be used inside the company. A significant percentage of the alumni are today leaders in their fields and trusted specialists of MediaPro, the Romanian audiovisual and cinema environment welcoming an “infusion” of professionalism.


  • Orientation– for the first time in the Romanian high education area – to create a Television Faculty modeled on the experience and future projects of Mediapro.

    MediaPRO StudiosMedia University offers the students the possibility to train both in ProTV and in the MediaPro Studios, and also in other companies in the Mediapro Group. The students have the chance to learn from the best professionals in the fields they study, the teachers being genuine values of our society.

    The Students of the Cinematography and Television Faculty have had the chance to work with great directors who have filmed in MediaPro studios, such as Francis Ford Coppola(2005) and Costa Gavras(2003). 80% of the students of Media University are involved in the MediaPro Structures.

    Projects – The R&D Department for research/development projects in media

    It will be a centre for managing projects, the purpose being the most efficient management of available funds for development and research.
    The department will work as part of the University, its activity being dedicated to stimulate the initiatives which are necessary to the academic structure.
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